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“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

Tiny House Academy

We will never build a house for you.
But we will always build one with you.
We currently offer 3 models of education through co-buiding: constructive assistance, the Tito-House-Workshop and the U-Home-Workshop.

Option 1:
Constructive assistance

You have the idea. We have the experience & the tools. Let's build!

Are you building a yurt, a dome, a Tiny House or any other sort of positively-crazy object? Do you need help with the plans, constructing the frame, putting in the windows or cutting the triangles for your dome? We are always interested in giving our expertise and practical help for your project. Practical help can start with a 1-day visit up to a several-weeks support until the construction is complete. Do not hesitate to call us and talk about your project. Costs depend on time and material we need to invest. Be sure, we will always try to realize your project within your budget.
Write to:

co construction of a tiny house in Berlin

Option 2: 
The "Tito-House" Workshop

How to build your own Tiny House in 10 days? Let's build the "Tito House"!
We build Van Bo Le-Mentzel's Tiny Town House together with you in 10 days. What you need are 15.000 € (incl. VAT), 4-5 friends or volunteers to build the house with you and 2 weeks of your time. The house is pre-designed. Plans and more info are available on the website of our fabulous partner organisation Tiny Foundation. If you are interested in the TiTo House Workshop, write to

Tito House sketch by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Option 3: 
The "U-Home"- Workshop

Let's build the house nobody knows yet. It's the house you imagine, but are not ready to build alone. This is the "U-Home"-Workshop.

The "U" in "U-Home" stands for You. As a collective of designers, architects, carpenters and project managers, we are able to offer a unique service: starting with your scetch, we design, plan and co-construct the house of your fantasies together with you. This includes the shell construction with fassade, insulation, inner covering, floor, roof, as well as windows and door installation. We can offer a workshop for your U-Home starting from 15.000€, including materials. The more complicated the design and the bigger the house, the more expensive th U-Home will become. If you already have  materials or are able to recycle some old wood or other parts, the house can become even cheaper. We are open to many ways. Our goal is to keep costs low for you, as our ideal is that everybody can design and build the house of her or his dreams with our help. If you have an idea, just write us an E-Mail with your idea and your budget.

Tito House sketch by Van Bo Le-Mentzel